Six Hyghspin 125 Pump Orange Juice Concentrate


In late autumn of 2013 Jung Process Systems commissioned six Hyghspin 125 twin screw pumps for one of the most important worldwide acting trader and processor of citrus fruits.

Six Hyghspin 125 Pump Orange Juice Concentrate

Hyghspin 125 pump with base plate assembled on a fruit juice tanker (Image: Jung Process Systems)

These pumps of identical construction meanwhile run very successfully on a fruit juice tanker for loading and unloading of fruit juice concentrate. Last year the South American customer chose Jung Process Systems’ Hyghspin pumps because their old pump types offered only a comparatively poor life time.

Orange juice concentrate from Brazil

Brazil is the most important producer of oranges in the world. A predominant part of these fruits are processed to orange juice and being exported afterwards. The fruit juice is transported as concentrate by so-called fruit juice tankers to their regions of destination. Orange juice concentrate is stored and transported deeply frozen. It is pumped through stainless steel pipes into the steamer’s tanks which are also made of stainless steel. At the ports of destination the juice concentrate is re-pumped into special cooling and treatment plants. Frozen orange juice concentrate is highly viscous and places complex demands on pumping, piping and transportation technologies. The high ratio of sugar in juice concentrates, that very often exceeds 70° Brix, presents additional challenges to the service life of the technology used.

High performance, hygienic and infinitely variable

Many enterprises of the food and beverage industry choose twin screw pumps manufactured by Jung Process Systems due to their high demands with regard to product protection, viscosity and output rates as well as robustness and durability. Considering these facts also this customer decided to equip his tankers with Hyghspin 125 pumps because these six pumps offer the advantage of low NPSHr-values and infinitely variable flow rates. Moreover these pumps operate also under difficult circumstances - due to their unique construction - causing hardly any wear and tear. The pumps supplied in late autumn 2013 are the most powerful of the Hyghspin series. For this special application they transport 95 m3/h against 12 bar. This makes it possible to unload and load the tanker within a few hours only. Depending on the viscosity, the pumps are able to feed quantities up to 300 m3/h or pump against a maximum differential pressure of 16 bar. All Hyghspin pumps are EHEDG-certified and equipped with FDA approved elastomers. Double acting mechanical seals protect the product against contamination from the outside and serve essentially for their cleaning. The robust pumps are assembled on a base plate with coupling and coupling protection. The revision opening in the gear housing facilitates maintenance considerably.

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