SEEPEX Switch 3-Year Performance Guarantee on Wear Parts

SEEPEX Inc. is pleased to announce the SEEPEX SWITCH Performance Guarantee.
SEEPEX Switch 3-Year Performance Guarantee on Wear Parts

SEEPEX Switch 3-Year Performance Guarantee on Wear Parts. (Image source: Seepex Inc.)

This unique guarantee is offered to customers who make the SEEPEX SWITCH and replace any brand of conventional progressive cavity (PC) pump or retrofit a SEEPEX pump with a SEEPEX maintain-in-place Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) PC pump. The wear parts guarantee covers rotors, stators, seals and universal joints for three years.

SEEPEX’s SCT pump design has been around for over a decade and continues to provide customers with lower maintenance times, reduced costs, and operating efficiencies compared to other pumping methods. The SCT design offers easy access to the split stator and quick release rotor, which means quick and easy maintenance, short downtimes, energy efficiency, and overall lower life-cycle costs compared to PC pumps of conventional design. The pumps convey media for virtually all industries and handle conveying capacities up to 500 USGPM and pressures up to 120 PSI.

SEEPEX is confident in their product and wants customers to have the same confidence. This guarantee provides peace-of-mind to customers that the days of cumbersome, time consuming, expensive rotor/stator changes are behind them. SCT is an easy, cost effective, drop in solution for the replacement of all older or obsolete pump brands. SCT pumps eliminate the need to remove any pipework for maintenance, do not require special tools, and have lighter components for easier and safer lifting. Maintenance time is therefore reduced by up to 85% compared to traditional PC pump designs.

The design also allows for the stator to be adjusted and tightened as wear progresses. SCT stators last on average twice as long as traditional stators. This saves time and money on parts, maintenance, and improves performance efficiency.

SEEPEX Inc. President Mark Jones states, “We are confident in our Smart Conveying Technology and we want customers to have confidence that when they make the SEEPEX SWITCH and replace their old, hard to maintain PC pumps, they won’t have to worry about wear parts for at least three years.”

Source: SEEPEX Inc.

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