Robust Pumps for Reliable Chemical Dosing


Dosing chemicals in water treatment and industrial processes are often among the most demanding applications for pumps, where optimum reliability and minimal downtime are among the essential requirements.

The ‘G’ Series of mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps, available through dosing and mixing specialists Milton Roy UK, are ideal for these demanding situations. These robust, reliable pumps incorporate a number of important features, such as variable eccentric system for stroke length. This type of system, usually found in much larger pumps, helps to reduce the shocks created by spring return lost motion designs which are traditionally used in pumps with these output ranges.

Also, the use of ball-bearings and only two major moving components (connecting rod and wheel / eccentric assembly) ensures minimum friction and so eliminates the build-up of heat in the drive. These features combine to make a significant contribution to the reliability and durability of the pump.

‘G’ series pumps can also deliver flow rates not normally associated with mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps, for example up to 1100 litres / hour. Liquid end assemblies can be specified to suit a variety of chemicals across a wide range of applications, for example Polypropylene, PVDF, 316 stainless steel and versions for high viscosity, amines and fluorinated liquids.

To meet other application demands accessories can be supplied to provide anti-siphon, back-pressure, relief, priming aid, gas bleed and damping functions.

Source: Milton Roy

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