Richter Releases New Pump Monitoring System


With the release of the new Saferun pump monitoring system, Richter launches an innovative system for continuous monitoring of magnetic pumps.

Richter Releases New Pump Monitoring System

Pump Monitoring System Saferun (Image: Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH)

With sophisticated sensors that are strategically placed between the CFR can and the PTFE/PFA can insert, critical operating data is being collected and analysed. The sensors are shielded from the media in the process to ensure absolute no contact and therefore have no interference with the process.

Changes in process parameters are being collected, analysed and displayed in easy to understand symbols and colours. The icons and signalling on the display have been selected with simplicity in mind to ensure that the information is understood within a glance allowing also untrained personnel to quickly assess a possible critical situation. All data will be stored in a history log and can be downloaded at any time for evaluation. Important process parameters such as, flow, density and viscosity changes can be retrieved and/or stored.

Operating conditions that could lead to pump failure are also being monitored such as, torque changes, coupling failure, dry running, shortage of lubrication, gas build up, etc.

In addition, the temperature is measured directly and continuously on the containment shell to allow for detection of possible ignition hazards according to ATEX, but also any changes in process temperature can be detected and signalled in an early stage. Saferun meets SIL 1 and is approved according to ATEX for Ex-zone 1 and 2 or 21 and 22.

Saferun data can be read-out simply through an RFID interface with a tablet PC. Direct monitoring can be carried out via HART or via the analog 4-20 mA interface. This monitoring option has been performed at several pump operators and resulted in significant cost reductions and extended plant availability.

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