Release Of PIPE-FLO Compressible 2007 Software


Engineered Software, Inc. today announced the release of PIPE-FLO® Compressible 2007 software, a major upgrade to the desktop application for designing and simulating the operation of steam and gas piping systems.

PIPE-FLO Compressible 2007 integrates the calculating power of the PIPE-FLO product line with its familiar design and dynamic simulation features, culminating in a total piping system view.

“The market for piping system design software continues to grow as engineers realize the power of piping system analysis software, and PIPE-FLO Compressible

2007 is our ideal solution for anyone who designs, builds, operates or maintains steam or industrial gas piping systems,” said Ray Hardee, Vice President of Engineering at Engineered Software, Inc. “Compressible 2007 includes functionality improvements that allow the user to better visualize, quickly calculate, efficiently communicate and provide access to information in one easy-to-use program.”

Two of the major functionality improvements are the ability to quickly size flow meters and balancing orifice and insert them into a system in a single step, as well as customize the information displayed on the piping schematic and on the convenient Fly-By Viewer.

“The newest improvements are a direct result of customer feedback providing users the ability to quickly read design information from the piping system model and automatically update information in the model, saving our customers’

time and money in both the design and operation of their facilities,” Hardee said.

Engineered Software, Inc. has spent more than 25 years listening to its customers and creating products that exceed expectations. The PIPE-FLO product line leverages experts in not only software programming but mechanical engineering, allowing program developer’s to respond to customers’ feedback with precise and practical features.

“With each new release, we strive to provide innovative and useful features that improve our programs for the end user. We make every effort to provide software that is valuable to designers, engineers, operating and maintenance personnel, and is essential to their piping system design and analysis needs,”

Hardee added. “PIPE-FLO Compressible has the capacity to optimize system operations by providing users access to information needed to operate and maintain piping systems throughout the piping system’s life.”

Other new features include viewing piping schematics as isometric drawings complete with rotate-able text and skewed symbols for improved spatial awareness and more professional look. Users can now copy all or part of a system from one project file to another allowing users to break up larger system into smaller parts for easier analysis, or merge multiple piping systems into a single, larger model. In addition, PIPE-FLO allows users to design custom device symbols for compressors, blowers, control valves, etc. in order to create a model of the piping system, matching to look and feel of the feel of the real piping system or for easier exporting into a CAD system.

The PIPE-FLO product line is used by designers and operators to gain a clear picture of their fluid piping systems. The program allows users to visualize their systems in a familiar format, calculate flow rates, pressures, and physical properties of the gas effecting system operations, easily communicate the design with others and access supporting documents in electronic format.

About Engineered Software, Inc.

Founded in 1982, Engineered Software, Inc. has created products that are known worldwide for high end-user satisfaction rates. The company has two award-winning product lines – PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions. Recognized as the best in the industry, the programs’ interface was developed and refined based on over 25 years of customer feedback. Engineered Software is also the creator of Flow of Fluids Premium software, and holds an agreement with Crane Valve North America to produce, market and sell their Technical Paper, TP410. Engineered Software, Inc. has more than 5,500 clients worldwide across a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, chemical processing, engineering design and consulting, food and beverage, oil and petrochemical, mining and metals, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, wastewater collection and treatment and education.

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