Recirculation Pumps From KSB – The All-Round Savers


At the ISH 2009, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, will showcase its tried-and-tested Etaline recirculation pump series with new IE4 (super premium efficiency) electric motors.

Recirculation Pumps From KSB – The All-Round Savers

Etaline series and the new IE4 (super premium efficiency) electric motor (KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal)

These motors meet the most stringent energy consumption requirements stipulated by IEC 60034-30:2008 (International Electrotechnical Commission), which came into force worldwide at the start of the year.

When using the PumpDrive variable speed system developed by KSB, operators of heating and cooling systems can save up to 65% of the energy cost incurred for operating their pump. Thanks to KSB s dynamic pressure setpoint compensation (DFS) technology, the drive saves considerably more energy under part-load conditions than variable speed systems that maintain a constant setpoint. For a 15 kW motor, the difference in energy costs can amount to €1,000 annually.

An additional optional module enables two drives to communicate with each other, allowing the user to operate two pumps at the same time with integrated sequencing control. Given that both motors in a twin pump configuration can operate simultaneously, the Etaline Z really is a dual pump set offering a high level of redundancy.

An easy-to-read backlit display on PumpDrive permanently shows the actual speed and allows the user to adjust the speed and other setpoints locally. A PI controller, as well as digital and analog inputs and outputs for standard signals, support all the typical pump control modes. Motor protection functions are included as standard. KSB is the only supplier to offer this kind of motor-mounted variable speed system for pumps with a drive rating of up to 45 kW. Commissioning is just as simple as for fixed speed pumps.

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