PUMPEXplorer Version 2.0


PUMPEXplorer ist eine leistungsfähige Software für die Berechnung von Pumpensystemen und für die computergestützte Auswahl von PUMPEX Entwässerungs-, Schlamm-, Schmutz- und Abwasserpumpen.

PUMPEXplorer is a Windows based freeware, distributed on CD-ROM, that also contains complete information about PUMPEX entire product range.

Here are some of the most important improvements in the 2.0 version:

- More languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

- CAD-drawings: most pumps are available as CAD files.

- Price index: selected pumps can be listed in price order.

- Add parallel pumps: when curve is shown, 2 to 8 parallel pumps can be added.

-Select pumps of different size: when a pump and system curve are shown, a pump of a different size can be selected to reach the duty point.

- Several system curves can be added by adding more than one static head.

PUMPEXplorer was been developed by VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE, a leading supplier of pump selection and configuration software as well as e-business solutions for the fluid handling industry.


PUMPEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible pumps. The company has developed its products to meet that strict demands made by customers on the international market. High reliability combined with excellent serviceability results in pumps with unrivalled operating economy.

PUMPEX submersible pumps are used for handling both industrial and municipal wastewater. Other major applications include drainage in the building and civil engineering industries, and also in mining and tunnelling. Pumpex is a stable AAA rated (Dun and Bradstreet) company belonging to the Cardo group which has about 9 billion SEK turnover.

Cardo is a public company listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pump selection and configuration programs. The product range includes software for PC and Internet featuring extensive functions covering the selection and configuration of pumps and accessories as well as subsequent business processes and adjacent tasks. Beyond that the company provides full after sales service. Besides operating impeller.NET/Spaix.NET the division Internet Services also offers the complete integration of online pump selection programs into the websites of pump manufacturers.

The software and Internet company headquartered in Dresden was founded 1993 and maintains world-wide business relationships to companies of the pump and chemical industry. The world’s leading pump manufacturers benefit from VSX’ software.

Quelle: Sulzer Ltd.

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