Process Pump Benefits from Lower Energy Costs


When plant efficiency is a priority, low maintenance costs required and reliability a must, the choice of process pump is critical. During the lifetime of a pump 5% of the cost is from the purchase....

Process Pump Benefits from Lower Energy Costs

...65% from energy costs and 30% from installation and maintenance. It’s well known that pumps in alloy steel have approximately 10% loss compared to cast iron. The application of open micro-cast (Lost-wax casting) impellers ensure that identical performance is achieved, which means, in other words, a considerable saving in energy costs.

Pumps that are most commonly used to convey liquids containing solids in suspension and dissolved gasses use vortex-type impellers but the very low yields entail extremely high operating costs that are not always justified. The Pump Company has overcome this problem by using the RG range of Process Pumps from Salvatore Robuschi; the application of open impellers with a wearing plate allow you to reduce by 30% consumption thus enabling the recovery of your investment after only a few months.

These pumps are suitable to convey liquids containing solid material in suspension, lint free liquids even viscous and air rich liquids. They are used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and paper industry having features which allow it great efficiency and reliability. The careful construction of the RG range features an adjustable end float, allowing the user to maintain the highest efficiency during the lifetime of pump and low NPSH values. The simplicity of the pumps construction and the great modularity of components warrant limited spare parts stock and low working costs.

The pumps can be certified in accordance with the ATEX standard and are available long or close coupled, horizontal or vertical. The series which comply with ISO 24256- ISO 2858 is manufactured in AISI 316 (CF8M) and offers a variety of sealing options complying to Din 24960. Other materials such as Monel, Hastelloy and other alloys available on request. But that’s not all, with average deliveries in 20 days and spare parts in 24/72 hours.

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