Primozone Hires Key Persons to Support U.S. Growth


Primozone and it´s US partner Ozone Water Systems bring on additional team members as momentum grows for the innovative ‘new generation’ ozone generators with United States customers.

“Our growth is being driven by the adoption of the GM-Series ozone generators within the U.S.”, says John Overby, co-owner of Ozone Water Systems. “Demand requires supply and we are proud to expand our manufacturing operations to handle the recent rush of orders.”

“Jürgen Bischhaus, Head of Sales, will be responsible for the operative and strategic development of sales. Jesper Kedström, Sales Engineer, will work with indoor sales and with our partners for sales support. Åsa Kjellberg, Admin and Coordinator, will coordinate internal functions and processes while helping our partners with logistics, finance and more”, explains Anders Schening, CEO, at Primozone.

The GM-Series ozone generators are built on patented cutting-edge technology that enables ozone production with a very high concentration (20% weight), and smallest equipment footprint commercially available. The GM ozone generators are energy efficient, reliable and have a low life-cycle cost.

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