Power Generation Chek® Valves are Field Serviceable


Miniature component specialists Lee Products have introduced a new range of Chek® Valves for use in purge air, water injection and liquid fuel applications, specifically for industrial gas turbines.

Power Generation Chek® Valves are Field Serviceable

One of the important benefits of the design of these valves is their ability to be quickly and simply disassembled to enable servicing to be carried out in the filed, using a rebuild kit. The valves are available with or without, a removable, washable Hi-Bar® safety screen and this popular, with-screen version incorporates a one-piece component, which is machined from a solid piece of bar and features laser drilled holes for optimum precision. The screen is capable of handling differential pressures up to 7500 psid (518 Bar) without collapse.

These power generation chek valves, which can operate at temperatures up to 230°C, can also be designed according to specific customer requirements and so provide users with optimum application flexibility. They feature a stainless steel poppet design that, in combination with a Vespel® seat, allows for both low leakage and high flow. In addition, each valve is 100% tested to ensure reliable, consistent long-term performance. These extremely compact Chek Valves are available as a purge air and water injection option measuring just 144mm in length x 32mm in width, or as a liquid fuel option which measures just 86mm in length x 35mm diameter.

About the company

Lee Products Ltd was established in 1975 (as a subsidiary of the Lee Company of Westbrook, Conneticut, USA) to promote its range of products within the UK and Ireland. Since 1948, The Lee Company has pioneered the development of miniature, precision fluid control components for aerospace, down-hole oil tools, machine tools, medical / scientific instrumentation and ink-jet printing. Lee's unique capabilities in miniaturisation and engineering expertise keep the company at the forefront of fluid flow technology.

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