Pivot Pumps: SP Patents a Fully New Pump Concept


Coil-operated linear pumps (LI range) are perfect for applications that require a high volumetric displacement combined with a very long service life. But this type of pump cannot reach the high pressure and vacuum levels and the compact sizes of motor-operated eccentric diaphragm pumps (EC range) due to physical constraints.

Pivot Pumps: SP Patents a Fully New Pump Concept

SP Patents a Fully New Pump Concept (Image: Schwarzer Precision)

Schwarzer Precision has recently filed a patent application for a new drive concept developed from the ground up combining the advantages of linear and oscillating armature pumps with that of eccentric diaphragm pumps.

In conventional coil-operated linear and oscillating armature pumps, the kinetic energy of the coil is straight-lined transmitted to a diaphragm. The new pivot diaphragm pumps (PA range) are also driven by an iron-core coil, but use the amplifying effect of a mechanical leverage to build up a distinctively higher pressure in the pump head. This leverage has two arms driving two oval diaphragms alternatingly. In this way, a high volume flow rate even at high pressure and also a reduced pulsation of the air flow can be achieved. Thanks to the wraparound clamping of the diaphragms, the pump head cannot suck false air, which results in a medium delivery without any corruption. On top of this, the oval diaphragm shape allows an extremely flat design.

Presumably, this new PA range will go into production from the 3rd quarter 2014. These pumps will be available as AC and DC versions. An intelligent control will be available as an option, which corrects the optimal working point of the pump depending on the present environmental parameters.

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