Pharmaceutical Industry Uses DST Permanent Magnetic Technology

In order to be able to produce medicines or vaccines safely, the use of technologically proper equipment is absolutely essential. DST permanent magnetic couplings increase the reliability of agitator drives used in the production of medical substances.
Pharmaceutical Industry Uses DST Permanent Magnetic Technology

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Facing high hygiene standards in pharmaceutical production, aspects such as zero leakage, tightness and freedom from maintenance of the technologies used play a central role. Agitator drives with wear-free permanent magnetic couplings are therefore a safe alternative to conventional dynamic shaft seals, which can wear out over time, thus resulting in leakage. Such agitators are used as the heart of reactors or process engineering machines and ensure a powerful, safe and efficient mixing process.

No foreign particles or substances can enter the mixing process from the outside, nor can gases and liquids escape into the environment. DST permanent magnetic couplings for agitator drives are available as overhead and bottom-mounted versions, depending on the area in which the drive is used. For example, in addition to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the food industry is also a major customer of the agitator drives.

The agitator principle
The overhead agitators from DST are characterised by a compact design and connect the motor side with the mixing process. The heart of the agitator is the permanent magnetic coupling. Due to the magnetic force, the torque of the drive unit is transmitted to the output unit without contact. The canister statically seals and functions as a separating wall. The outer rotor directly transmits the drive torque of the motor to the inner rotor. The agitator shaft with the agitator element is attached to the inner rotor of the permanent magnet coupling.

With a bottom-mounted agitator, the inner rotor directly transmits the drive torque of the motor to the outer rotor. The inner rotor is mounted on the motor and the outer rotor, together with SSiC plain bearings, is mounted on the canister. The outer rotor and the SSiC plain bearings are in process and thus in contact with the medium.In this version, the agitator blades are mounted by the customer by welding them to the outer rotor. In addition to the standard versions, reliable speed monitoring is also possible for both drives.

Agitators with DST permanent magnetic couplings are used for mixing, stirring,suspending, homogenising, dispersing and emulsifying of different substances. In addition to ointments, medicines, vaccines and creams,for example, DST permanent magnetic couplings are also used to produce juices, mayonnaise,fruit preparations or ice cream.

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