Pentair Supports Hurricane Disaster Relief Efforts


Water pump and filtration equipment manufacturer Pentair, Inc. reported it has established pump and filtration task forces to aid emergency response organizations helping Gulf Coast areas cope with the devastation and chaos caused by Hurricane Katrina.

"Pentair is taking quick action to make pump and filtration equipment -- and the necessary technical expertise -- available to agencies supporting disaster relief efforts," said Pentair Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Randall J. Hogan. "In addition, the Pentair Foundation is disbursing immediate financial aid to national organizations supporting humanitarian aid in the affected areas."

The Pentair task forces are making pump and filtration equipment available to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and emergency response organizations including the Louisiana State Emergency Management Agency. Priority services related to pump engineering and application support, in the form of engineers and service specialists, are also being provided through this company task force.

"We have been in touch with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to advise them of our capabilities and our ability to support repair and recovery efforts," said Charles M. Brown, Pentair president and chief operating officer. "New Orleans' flood control pumps -- the majority of which are Pentair's Fairbanks Morse pumps -- are used to move water out of the city to the waterways behind the levees. When the levees were breached, the flood control pumps were intentionally shut down to protect them. Our technical teams stand ready to work with the Corps and other agencies to help return the pumps to service once the levees are repaired."

Meanwhile, Pentair's philanthropic arm, the Pentair Foundation, has made an emergency donation of $100,000 to the American Red Cross. This contribution includes a provision for additional donations as needs and circumstances warrant. In addition, the Pentair Foundation is matching employee and contract employee contributions to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army dollar-for- dollar, up to $2 million to help defray the costs of the relief efforts now underway.

Pentair also has partnered with a water relief organization called Water Missions International in a unique effort to meet immediate demands for potable water. Initially, this partnership will serve to build and deploy three Living Water™ Treatment Systems/Reverse Osmosis units each capable of purifying water for at least 4,000 people daily. Subsequently, the partnership will include necessary volunteer resources, logistical support, and product donations. The three filtration units sponsored by Pentair will be used in Mississippi. Water Missions has other RO filtration units that have been earmarked for use in Louisiana.

"We're committed to sponsoring an additional 11 Living Water Treatment Systems as needs develop," Hogan said. "Our partnership with Water Missions is critical because, together, we can deliver safe, clean water to the areas where it is needed the most."

Hogan noted that numerous smaller relief efforts are underway throughout Pentair's operations, many driven by the actions of individual employees and employee groups. For example, Pentair Pool Products in Sanford, North Carolina donated a truckload of chainsaws, fuel, hardhats, safety glasses, and gloves to assist customers in Louisiana, and employees at Pentair Pump operations in Ashland, Ohio are donating a truckload of goods to assist employee families of Pentair's Delta Environmental operation located in the Baton Rouge, LA area.

Pentair is a diversified operating company headquartered in Minnesota. Its Water Group is a global leader in providing innovative products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. Pentair's Enclosures Group is a leader in the global enclosures market, designing and manufacturing standard, modified and custom enclosures that house and protect sensitive electronics and electrical components. With 2004 revenues of $2.28 billion, or $2.76 billion on a pro forma basis, Pentair has approximately 13,000 employees worldwide.

Source: Pentair plc.

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