Pentair and the Pentair Foundation Support Communities Around the World

Pentair plc and the Pentair Foundation announce the twenty-third consecutive year of giving to strengthen communities around the world, increase access to quality education and provide safer, cleaner water to people in developing countries.

In addition to its strategic and community grants, the company also extended its existing matching gift program to include a double match for all qualifying contributions by employees made to non-profit organizations on Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

“As a global, responsible corporate citizen we are committed to leading in our communities where our employees live and work as well as expanding access to safer water and education in the developing world,” said Karla Robertson, EVP, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Social Responsibility Officer. “In 2021, we continued the strong legacy of giving that was formalized with the establishment of the Pentair Foundation more than 20 years ago to help improve the lives of people around the world today, as well as for future generations.”

Pentair and the Pentair Foundation operate independent grantmaking programs to support the communities where Pentair employees live and work, and are focused on improving access to cleaner, safer water and quality education in communities where the needs are greatest including organizations supporting social justice and equity.

Grants awarded by Pentair and the Pentair Foundation in 2021 totaling $2.65 million include:

  • Community giving grants to more than 20 nonprofit organizations in the communities in which Pentair operates, with 70 percent of recipient organizations serving underrepresented populations.
  • FIRST Robotics – utilizes robotics as a tool to inspire youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Pentair’s grant provides support for 22 U.S. based teams and four teams in Asia.
  • United Way Educational Programming – works across the cradle-to-career continuum by strengthening the programs, organizations, and systems needed to ensure children are set on a path to success.
  • Junior Achievement – delivers an experiential learning lab for students to learn about business and teamwork, including a water center to learn about community clean water needs.
  • Pratham – provides quality education to women and girls in communities across 21 of 29 states in India.
  • H2O for Life – partners with teachers to educate students across the U.S. about the issues affecting local water resources and the global water crisis.
  • African American Leadership Forum – supports the co-creation and implementation of solutions to help create social equity in Minnesota.
  • Twin Cities Community Rebuild – provides near future help to rebuild businesses impacted by the civil unrest that took place in 2020.

Project Safewater Strategic Grants
Pentair and the Pentair Foundation are working to transform the way safe water is sustainably delivered to people in need. Through Project Safewater, the company’s long-term holistic approach to providing safe water solutions, Pentair collaborates with a range of partners with innovative approaches—combining technology, micro-enterprise business models, and scientific research—to provide sustainable access to safe water.

Since 2007, Pentair has implemented numerous Project Safewater programs around the world, and today provides cleaner, safer drinking water every day to three million people in the developing world. In 2021, the Pentair Foundation is providing funding to three strategic partners to further advance this mission:

  • Safe Water Network – Having launched the first clean water station in India in 2010, ongoing support of Safe Water Network has delivered clean water to over one million people in India via the iJal Stations—small water treatment facilities that produce clean water to be sold at affordable rates. 2021 funding will increase and improve access.
  • Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) – Building upon the success of a previous collaboration to deliver safe drinking water via an aerial piping system and state-of-the-art water filtration system in Kibera, an impoverished settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, the 2021 grant will expand access to provide filtered water to more people in Kibera.
  • Water Mission – Having launched the inaugural Project Safewater initiative in Colón, Honduras in collaboration with Water Mission in 2007, the planned 2021 initiative will expand the program to Mayan communities in Mexico.

Team Pentair and Employee Engagement
Pentair believes the passions and contributions of its approximately 9,750 employees are important, and encourages and rewards employee-led involvement through Team Pentair, the company’s philanthropic engagement program.

From serving as mentors to young science students, to packing food and cleaning beaches, Pentair employees share their time, talents, and energy to make a lasting difference in Pentair communities from Suzhou, China to St. Paul, Minnesota and many places in between. The Pentair Foundation provides grants for every 25 collective hours volunteered by a Pentair team of 5 or more for both virtual and in-person activities.

In 2021, the Pentair Foundation delivered matching gifts for employee donations, and implemented a double match for qualifying contributions to non-profit organizations engaged in working on racial, social injustice and equity issues as well as all qualifying contributions made on Giving Tuesday (November 30, 2021) to non-profit organizations.

Source: Pentair plc.

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