Parker’s New Bent-Axis Motor Series V16 Provides Enhanced Speed Capability

The Pump and Motor Division Europe (PMDE) of Parker Hannifin has announced the launch of a new variable displacement, bent-axis motor series, V16.
Parker’s New Bent-Axis Motor Series V16 Provides Enhanced Speed Capability

Parker’s new bent-axis motor series V16 provides enhanced speed capability. (Image source: Parker Hannifin Corporation)

The new V16 is an evolution of the well-known V12 and V14 motor series, and offers unique speed performance and pressure ratings, resulting in increased productivity and higher safety margins in construction, marine & offshore, oil & gas, and agriculture applications.

The new motors are available in two sizes, V16-220 and V16-270, and are designed for both open and closed-circuit transmissions with a focus on high-performance machines. Due to the V16’s innovative differential piston control system, along with a 3-way valve and best-in-class displacement ratio (5.5:1), the V16 offers smooth and precise control. The patented spherical piston design with laminated piston rings provides a high shaft speed capability, up to 30% higher than competitors. In combination with the high-pressure level, up to 550 bar, the V16 offers enhanced performance and long service life.

The spherical piston design also enables high volumetric efficiency of up to 99%. With the ability to downstroke motors to zero-displacement and idle, significant fuel savings can be achieved. “The new V16 is probably the most efficient variable bent-axis motor on the market,” states Christian Bengtsson, Product Leader at Pump & Motor Division Europe. “We can significantly reduce operating costs by lowering power consumption and support OEMs' goals to reduce emissions and comply with future environmental regulations.”

The V16 is available in both ISO and SAE versions along with flexible porting options, including standard axial and radial ports. Parker also offers monitoring with the addition of a new position sensor and plug-in speed sensor.

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