Papantonatos Launches New Vortex Pump Models

Papantonatos S.A. presents the new 12’’ PXFLOW Vortex pump models PX4-308 and PX5-308 equipped with vortex impellers and efficiency up 62 percent.
Papantonatos Launches New Vortex Pump Models

NEW 12’’ PXFLOW Vortex pump. (Image source: Papantonatos S.A.)

Extending the PXFLOW Vortex pumps, this range of  submersible wastewater pumps offer considerably higher efficiencies than conventional vortex.

Key Features

  • 12”(300mm) discharge Vortex impeller pump
  • Handles solids up to 145mm / 5,7”
  • Flows up to 7600GPM  (480lps)
  • Heads up to 100ft  (30,5m)
  • Speed (max) 1200rpm (60Hz)
  • 50/60Hz
  • Hydraulic efficiency at BEP 62%

Materials options, surface protection (on request)

  • casting parts in stainless steel 316 & Duplex
  • Seamlessly sprayable elastomeric coatings for impeller and inside pump volute for erosion protection
  • Ceramic coating

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