Opportunities and Trends in the European Water and Waste Water Markets


Frost & Sullivan will host a conference call on Thursday 14 December 2006 at 11.00 GMT to provide industry participants an overview on Pumps in the European Water and Waste Water Markets.

The briefing will immensely benefit pump manufacturers, distributors and also OEMs who will be getting a bird’s eye view of the major trends in the water and waste water market for Pumps in Europe.

Highlights of the briefing include insights into the dynamics guiding this market, analysis of trends by centrifugal and positive displacement pumps and their various kinds, market challenges, drivers, restraints and avenues of opportunities for growth. The purpose of the briefing is to gain a deeper understanding of pumps in the European water and waste water markets.

“High demand for pumping solutions from the emerging eastern European market coupled with increasing opportunities for the replacement and servicing of existing pumps in the western European markets are factors driving the growth of pumps used in the European water and waste water sector. Given these growth opportunities, the key for manufacturers lies in identifying and overcoming existing challenges in order to increase market share,” says Karthikeyan Balasubramaniyam, Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan’s Automation & Electronics group.

Frost & Sullivan will hold this conference call at 11.00 GMT on 14 December 2006, which will provide industry participants an outlook on the European Water and Waste Water Markets. To participate, please email Michael Banks at michael.banks@frost.com with the following information: your full name, company name, title, telephone number, e-mail address, city, state and country. Upon receipt of the above information, a registration link will be emailed to you.

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