News from the IFAT 2008 – Part 2


In the second part of the IFAT report informs about innovations in the fields "Pumping Stations", "Mixers and Aerators" as well as "Drives and Controls".

Pumping Stations

Pumping Station Compit of ITT Flygt (Photo: ITT Flygt) Over 20 year s experience in packaged pumping station design has gone into the new Compit pumping station from ITT Flygt. A unique and innovative high density polyethylene packaged pumping station, having triple layered construction and specially designed self cleaning base. These features eliminate dead zones in the flow to ensure lasting, reliable, trouble free operation and greatly reduced Life Cycle Costs. It is the first PE tank that is drivable by vehicles. It corresponds to the loading Class B, optional D.

Jung Pumpen shows at the IFAT a new corrosion-resistant plastic sump with DN 32 discharge connection for the pressure drainage - drivable to class B (D). Its innovative design ensures a clean and simple maintenance, optimal exchange times in the tank and in the pressure pipe as well as a high capacity. With a total volume of 640 liters a pumping capacity of only 60 liters and a residual volume of just 30 liters, the sewage will be disposed of in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the smooth surface and the flow-optimized construction reduce the risk of deposition of contaminants. The new discharge size from DN 32 allows the displacing and the connection of a small-dimensioned pressure pipe on the property. All parts of the installation PKSB 800-32 match the DN 32. The associated macerator pump MultiCut has a standard discharge size.

First comes with the „PKSB 800-32, and thus in a sewage pumping station, a high-performance plastic as metal replacement in operation. The complete equipment, such as Traverse, coupling and ball-check valve are manufactured from a new type of plastic, which on the one hand facilitate the transport and on the other hand makes corrosion in components impossible. The pump pressure pipe and the ball valve with rods are made of high-grade stainless steel. A new coupling valve with an integrated backflow preventer and a guide rail system for pump guiding facilitates, if necessary, lifting and lowering of the pump. Thus, maintenance and service work is carried out conveniently, clean and comfortable outside the casing.

Mixers and Aerators

Flygt Banana (Photo: ITT Flygt)With each subsequent turn the record of two, in the district town Höxter installed Flygt Banana increases. In 21 years of continuous operation, the propeller tips of these slowly rotating agitators cover a distance of over 2.6 million kilometers. This represents 67 earth circulations and an end is still not in sight. That the Banana Flygt would be a robust agitator with long service life was known at its launch. But as in April 1987 in the sewage treatment plant in district town Höxter two Flygt Banana SR type 4410 have been installed, it was not foreseen that the two agitators would work properly even after more than 183,000 hours of operation. During this time there was neither a propeller break, nor needed the engines, the hub, or the installation technology a repair. Also a breakdown was not yet reported. Only the regular maintenances were necessary to make this peak to reach.

With the new pump oxylift Jung Pumpen introduced innovations for the segment of small sewage treatment plants. It has a large free passage, is not susceptible to plugging and offers many other interesting applications for a reliable and service-friendly operation. Two optimized aerators for small sewage treatment plants, "oxyperl 3" and "oxyperl 5", enrich beyond this market segment. An innovative compact SBR system, "oxynauteco" can be used to retrofit existing three-chamber pits or as a complete system for the disposal of the waste water of up to twelve people.

At this year’s IFAT in Munich KSB is presenting the latest generation of direct-drive submersible mixers. The Amamix propeller hydraulics has been optimized to achieve maximum efficiencies and excellent running properties when handling higher viscosity media.

The redesigned propellers ensure efficient thrust generation in the tank and thus reduce the operator’s energy cost. Available with nominal diameters from 200 to 600 mm, the stainless steel propellers have two or three blades – depending on the power input – and “throw off” off fibrous, stringy substances entrained by the flow. This prevents the mixer from clogging up.

The main application fields for the new mixers are in munici¬pal and industrial water treatment plants as well in biogas installations.

Submersible Aerators Series TRN of Tsurumi (Foto: Tsurumi)

The Japanese pump manufacturer Tsurumi presents the new submersible aerators series TRN as a replacement of the existing combined series TR / TRN. As one of the first manufacturers Tsurumi tested the aggregates according to EN 12255-15, which demands strict requirements for the measurement of the oxygen supply in aeration basin. The special pumps, which put oxygen in biological cells, are intended to pre-of waste water and are used for ventilation in sludge tanks or for putting in CO2 and fumes for the neutralization. In addition, they have proven their value as an emergency measure to combat the algae blooms in ponds and natural waters. Even with the physical separation of fine-grained solid mixes (flotation) they provide valuable services. As the self priming TRN submersible aerators go without a compressor, the installation and maintenance are very easy.

Wilo EMU Megaprop TR 326 (Foto: WILO)

At the IFAT 2008, the German pump specialist Wilo presented the newest generation of low speed submersible mixers. With the Wilo EMU Maxiprop TR 226 and the Wilo EMU Megaprop TR 326 the product range was increased by models with very high thrust. Thus, the manufacturer provides high efficiency in the section of waste water treatment. Thanks to the innovative blade geometry, energy savings of up to 10% can be reached by using an optimal design of the agitators. Low speed submersible mixers are used in sewage treatment plants to suspension, homogenization and selective flow generation. They create directed flows in circulation tank or turbulent flow speeds in rectangular pools. Therefore a continuous mixing of the sludge in the biological phosphorus removal (bio-P), the denitrification or other procedures a place is provided.

ABS Pumps presented the new turbo compressor HST 40. Like all ABS turbo compressors the HST 40 is characterized by a high efficiency and low maintenance costs. Moreover, the model is featured with an efficiency increased by 10% and is therefore more economically than comparable models on the market.

Drives and Controls

Controller PumpSmart(Foto: ITT Flygt)In the sewage transportation with solid-contained components, interferences in the conveying characteristic, such as speed change, often prove as problem polluters. Especially, as the electrical and hydraulic connections neither be detected nor taken into account. In contrast to conventional frequency controllers, the PumpSmart PS 200 from ITT Flygt is able to change the speed of sewage pumps with sewage specific parameters. A torque adjustment allows a continuous steady flow - the basis for economic pumping. The PumpSmart PS 200 is patented and completely coordinated to the demands of wastewater monitoring and control systems. The PS 200 is easy to install and operate. It is suited for any kind of wet and dry pumps - even for pumps from other manufacturers.

Lowara pump program with high-performance engines of the series PLM (Foto: ITT Lowara)

The pump program of ITT Lowara is now available with high-performance engines of the series PLM efficiency EFF1 class. This affects the motor areas of 3.0 to 22.0 kW (3-phased) and 2.2 kW 1-phased as well as four-poled motors of 1.1 kW to 15.0 kW. On the one hand this innovation reduces the operating costs of pumps and thus relieves the environment, and improves on the other hand performance data of the pumps for the building technology and industrial applications at the same time.

Motors of the series FKT 27 (Foto: WILO)

A new self-cooling quality drive for waste water submersible pumps for wet and dry installation showed the pump specialist Wilo at IFAT 2008 in Munich. The motors of the new designed series FKT 27 ensure particularly high efficiency, process safety and service friendliness as well as a long life in the submersible pumps of the series WILO EMU FA. Engine techniques such as self-cooling, dry installed and explosion-safe engines are extensive standard today. But in the field of efficiency and flexibility WILO places standards with the FKT 27-engines. The motor has an innovative closed cooling system, a high-quality two-chamber sealing system with spatially separated sealing and leakage chamber and integrated monitoring devices.

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