News from the IFAT 2008 – Part 1


The 15th International Trade Fair for Water-Sewage-Refuse-Recycling took place in Munich from 5 to 9 May 2008. was live at the event and informs about the latest innovations.

Pump Technology

Allweiler AENRG Series (Photo: Allweiler) With the new functional model of the series AENRG Allweiler has developed an eccentric screw pump that is specifically suitable for pumping mediums with high solids content. The supply is carried out through a funnel with a double-lead screw. The maximum solids content is up to 45 percent. The new pump offers for the plant operator price advantages both in purchasing and operating, as it is built from standardized components. Thus, spare and wear parts are available more quickly and the spare parts storage is less extensive.

Dry installed propeller pumps are a focus at Allweiler’s booth. Especially for high flows in cells and for recirculation these pumps are ideal. Their cost-efficient standard motor is set up dry what eliminates the shaft sealing. Low maintenance costs as well as easy and fast service are the results. Especially for German users, the company presents its free on-site advice. Specialists examine the pumps used at the plant and make proposals for the efficient operation.

The Dig series of the Italian pump manufacturer Alma Pompe distinguishes itself by its pleasantness in maintenance and assembly. So the patented cable mounting with a load of up to 200 kg enables the assembly of the pump. The robust construction is particularly suitable for use in heavy conditions.

Arven Kontract Series (Photo: Arven) The Italian family business Arven offers with the series Kontract high quality stainless steel pumps that are used primarily as contractor pumps and in the drainage area. The pumps are available in a power range from 1.1 kW with a 3-phase and AC motors up to a maximum of 4.5 kW (only three-phase construction). The oil bath motor and the double mechanical seal are constructive characteristics of the pump that is applicable for a maximum depth of 5 meters and a maximum fluid temperature of 50 °C.

The submersible pump Worker of Arven finds its use in agriculture, for spring pumps but also for industrial applications in the cooling water supply. The double-sealed oil bath motor pump is applicable for a maximum depth of 20 meters and reaches a head of up to 91 meters as well as a maximum flow rate of 30 m³/h.

ITT Flygt N3000 Series (Photo: ITT Flygt)Sewage pumps of the series N 3000 of ITT Flygt are known for their safety, reliability and efficiency. These sewage pumps are also suitable for dry installation due to an integrated cooling jacket that prevents an overheating of the engine, what would cause an automatic shut-off. The fully encapsulated monoblock design allows even disasters and floods of the pump area without a failure of the pump or the motor. In addition, the uniform cooling causes less heat and hence less wear on all mechanical parts. Driven by an integrated pump a coolant permanently circulates around the stator housing. This closed cooling system makes the N-pumps regardless of the heat dissipation to the surrounding medium, as it is usual for submerged pumps.

Johnson Pump FreFlow Series (Photo: Johnson Pump) With the FreFlow series Johnson Pump presents self priming centrifugal pumps which are excellent for the producing of contaminated and low-viscous mediums. A special housing construction makes the non-return valve dispensable, reduces maintenance efforts and therefore ensures a secure suction operation.

With the particular material combinations cast iron, bronze and stainless steel, a wide range of contaminated, corrosive and aggressive liquids can be conveyed. The special impeller and housing design allows the conveying of liquids containing solids.

With different driving opportunities the condition for an individual use is created. The combination of easy use and safe operation makes the FreFlow to a reliable solution.

Lowara DOMO GRI (Photo: Lowara) An efficient new grinder pump from LOWARA is set to clean up in the domestic sewage market. The new DOMO GRI has been designed to deliver domestic sewage, liquids containing solids or fibres, and waste-water from residential buildings to the sewer mains or a pressurized sewer network. DOMO GRI features a completely new, extremely efficient and highly reliable grinder system. The grinder is able to macerate all the solids present in the sewage into small pieces able to pass through the pump impeller and smaller discharge pipes (R1”). Not only is the risk of clogging or blockage extremely low, contractors are able to minimize investment costs by using smaller pipes or where such pipes are the only option.

Papantonatos Baureihe PXFLOW (Photo: Papantonatos)

The series of PXFLOW of Papantonatos is characterized by high efficient submersible motors with cooling jackets. The Cartridge sealing system allows an easy maintenance. The impellers are available as single-channel, multi-channel and vortex, which can optionally be delivered in stainless steel. Furthermore, with the PXGRIND series grinder pump can also be ordered.

Söndgerath Pumpem Swimming Slurry Sucker (Photo: SPT Pumpen) Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH presented at the IFAT for the first time their new swimming slurry suckers. It is designed to reliable carry out swimming and paint sludge, oils, fats, offal or water lenses of water surfaces. The pump is unsinkable and can be run single or multiple on the same surface stationary or mobile. Depending on the pump model and the position of the suction mouth up to 1,300 liters of polluted water solids can be removed. The maximum head is 17 meters.

Areas for floating sludge suction cups are for example water treatment plants or cooling ponds and industrial applications in environmental engineering, chemical industry, paper and pulp industry or automobile manufacturers.

In addition to the already known 230V-models Mini-CHIEMSEE of Spechtenhauser a three-phase current version of the mini-CHIEMSEE B 1400 is now available. Apart from the 400V engine the new mini-CHIEMSEE B 1400 D is identical to the previous models and offers flows up to 1400 l/min, a free passage of up to 55 mm and due to the patented Spechtenhauser folding system it is suitable for the flat and deep suction. Small dimensions and a weight of only 29 kg ensure optimal mobility.

Tsurumi ATEX Series (Photo: Tsurumi) At the beginning of the year Tsurumi, located in Dusseldorf, Germany, has extended its product range with three new sewage pumps. The aggregates of the BX-, CX- and UX-Series are fulfilling all requirements for the European Directive ATEX II 2G IIB for protection of workers in explosive atmospheres. There are presently 11 models available. They provide maximum flow powers between 300 and 2000 l/min and overcome height differentials up to 23.5 m. The rated power ranges between 1.6 and 4 kW.

The series differ in the impeller construction. The UX-Series comprises four models and features a vortex impeller which is used mainly to avoid clogging or wear caused by large or stringy solids in the fluid. The SX-Series comes with a cutter mechanism. This cutter mechanism combines a carbide blade integrated into a non-clog impeller and a saw-shaped inner surface of the suction cover. This makes the CX-Series suitable for pumping wastewater or liquids carrying waste and solid matter. The BX-Series features an impeller with a wide channel from inlet to exit to prevent internal clogging by solids sucked in via the inlet.

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