New Options for Sealless, Mag-Drive Pumps


The established range of 3M magnetically driven, sealless pumps has been extended with new models being introduced including the CT MAG-MS, a peripheral multistage metallic mag-drive pump.

New Options for Sealless, Mag-Drive Pumps

Pump Engineering Ltd.

Available from liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING the MS series will include 6 options providing flows up to 24mc/h at heads up to 1000 metres.

These pumps are ideal for applications involving aggressive, hard-to-handle fluids and offer the important benefits of mag-drive pumping. For example, long-life, reliable performance, low-maintenance and as a result of having no seals, the potential for leaks and emissions is eliminated ensuring optimum safety and reliability, even in the most challenging applications.

CT MAG-MS pumps are suited to applications where liquids have a maximum viscosity up to 200cSt, maximum system pressure of 50 bar (standard) and 150 bar (for the high pressure version), although higher pressure options are available on request. They can operate within a temperature range of -120°C to +350°C. Electric motors are available from 0.55kW to 75kW.

3M mag-drive pumps have numerous applications, for example, transferring acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, heat transfer oils, liquid gases, toxic and explosive chemicals in industrial and chemical industries. They are also suitable for pumping low viscosity surfactants, acids and CIP chemicals in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the food and drink industries they are ideal for handling CIP chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and pumping water treatment chemicals.

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