New High Purity PTFE Pump Customizable for a Variety of Industries


All-Flo Pump Company is launching a new High Purity PTFE air diaphragm pump. This new pump operates at a maximum temperature of 248F (120 C) and is available in 6 sizes from ¼” through 2”.

For use in a wide variety of industries, this pump boasts a single piece PTFE diaphragm, integrated vibration pads and a housing machined from a solid PTFE block. Cutting edge companies are looking to high purity pumps to deliver, reclaim and circulate chemicals for reliable, contamination-free operation.

“This high purity, all PTFE pump offers customers a quality product that can be customized to work within many different applications and industries,” said Paul McGarry, All-Flo Sales Manager for North America. The new All-Flo High Purity PTFE pump is designed for applications in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, sludge chemical transfer, solar manufacturing, ceramic and glaze application, toxic and hazardous chemical transfer, filter press for acids and bases in high concentration, printing and paper transfer and paints and varnish.

“For any customer working with corrosive chemicals, the all PTFE pump can streamline production processes and reduce operating costs,” adds McGarry. This pump features solid PTFE wetted end constructions and a high-density polyethylene air section. To offer customers with additional customization features, the High Purity PTFE Pumps are available in a variety of connection ports. Its simple design also allows for easy maintenance.

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