New Era CrossOver High Performance Rod Guides


Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group introduces the latest high performance rod guide for progressing cavity downhole pumping applications.

The New Era CrossOver High Performance Rod Guides can effectively increase production and decrease workover costs by extending rod and tubing service life in standard and high temperature applications. These rod guides deliver maximum performance, even in well conditions that reach up to 500°F.

The New Era CrossOver rod guide has a hydrodynamic design manufactured from engineered plastics enhanced with performance additives specifically tailored to withstand high temperature well conditions. This design helps keep fluid closer to laminar flow around the guide and decreases the chance of gas breakout.

The concave body channel allows wider vanes, more erodible material than other designs and low fluid drag. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Reduced hydraulic drag force maximizes carrier bar loads on the downstroke
  • Wider vanes for maximum surface bearing area
  • Custom designed for each rod and tubing size to allow maximum vane width and optimum bypass area
  • Nominal tubing sizes: 2”, 2 1/2”, 3”
  • DuraGuide wear indicators provide easy visual confirmation of remaining erodible material on guides
  • All materials available

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group can recommend the proper rod guide design, material, spacing and auxiliary equipment for both beam and progressing cavity pump applications using its proprietary Rod Guide Advisory Program (RGAP™) software along with its years of well monitoring and performance tracking. Wellbore deviations, dynamometer readings, workover histories, well operating conditions, completion information and production data are all used to properly select the most effective New Era rod guide design, material and spacing for each well.

Picture: New Era CrossOver Rod Guide (Image: Robbins & Myers)

Source: NOV, Inc.

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