New Dispenser Generation Extends ViscoTec GmbH Product Range

With the vipro-PUMP series, ViscoTec is launching a totally new generation of dispensers. A new design, optimised dosing components and a modular construction provide numerous opportunities for adapting the dosing equipment even more effectively to the relevant application.
New Dispenser Generation Extends ViscoTec GmbH Product Range

The vipro-PUMP from ViscoTec (Image source: ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH)

The core of the new generation is the innovative, modular design of the dispenser. On the one hand, the separable rotor assembly allows fast installation and removal of its components - this speeds up service and maintenance work, reduces machine downtimes and minimises spare part and operating costs. On the other hand, variable rotor and stator materials ensure optimum dispenser performance - for example, a ceramic rotor with matching stator is ideally suited for abrasive media, while an HVC rotor is used for standard applications (e.g. adhesives).

An enlarged pump inlet minimises pressure loss, improves the material flow and allows easy attachment and detachment of the hose supply.
Two larger modular bleed openings ensure a user-friendly and clean bleeding process and ultimately help to guarantee dosing with no air bubbles.
The new stator design has an anti-rotation device and a defined non-positive connection to allow easy and intuitive assembly.

Various drives can be attached to the dispenser using a locking ring and the newly designed coupling.

A further benefit: The material outlet can optionally be fitted with the specially developed M6 pressure and temperature sensor. The flowplus-SPT M6 measures pressures up to 40 bar and temperatures up to 50°C.

The vipro-PUMP will be available in five different sizes (dosing volume of approx. 0.14 to 5.2 ml/rev) from 01.01.2023.

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