N-Technology for Wastewater Treatment in Northern Ireland


ITT Flygt has supplied a range of new generation submersible pumps with N-technology for a major ...

waste water treatment project in Northern Ireland.

Recently completed, Newry Wastewater Treatment Works is a new 6.4 million pound facility which has been built on behalf of Department of Regional Development Water Service (Northern Ireland) to meet the high quality effluent standards set by the Environment and Heritage Service. The facility, replacing the existing Works on the same site, treats sewage for a population equivalent of 63,000 to a much higher quality effluent standard to meet the growing demands for the next 20 years.

Flygt supplied more than 25 pumps to the design & construct JV contractor Earth Tech Engineering/Farrans Construction for installation in the new wastewater treatment works. Ferguson McIlveen is the Project Manager.

Using Flygts proven N-technology all the Newry pumps have open self cleaning impellers and are installed in a wet well/wet pit arrangement on twin guide bars with automatic connection to discharge. Combined with the relief groove in the volute, the N-impeller has been proven to reduce the risk of clogging and maintain pumping efficiency, even in the worst conditions. Specific models include NP 3127, NP 3153 and NP 3171 pumps.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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