Mapal and Siemens Announce Wastewater Partnership


Mapal Green Energy, developers of the floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA) for wastewater treatment, has announced a partnership with Siemens UK and Ireland.

Mapal Green Energy CEO, Zeev Fisher, said: “This is another important milestone marking our growth in the UK market. We have successfully sold the FFBA concept to water utilities directly and now we are seeing a high level of interest and adoption from amongst our Tier 1 contactors, which we’re delighted to announce now includes Siemens UK and Ireland. With its ability to deliver energy savings of at least 22%, our system is ideal in the context of the new Ofwat AMP6 cycle, with the focus now shifting to a total expenditure or Totex model. We are looking forward to contributing both design and implementation support to complement Siemens’ sector expertise.”

As developers of the floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA), Mapal Green Energy specialises in improving stringent effluent quality parameters; including the reduction of BOD5, TSS, COD, Tkn and Ammonia, across municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and has more than 40 installations worldwide.

Stephen Barker, Head of Energy Efficiency & Environmental Care at Siemens UK & Ireland comments: “Mapal Green Energy represents a technology company and its products and industry knowledge greatly complements our wider strategy to support the wastewater treatment industry through sustainable, cost-effective and cutting-edge technology. Demand for smart and energy efficient solutions in the wastewater sector will only rise, particularly among the utilities with AMP6 now underway. Mapal’s energy saving proposition is well timed to meet this demand, both in the utility and wider industrial sectors, and we look forward to building on this unique partnership.”

Following its partnership announcement, Mapal Green Energy and Siemens will be working closely together to deliver Mapal’s technology and Mapal will support Siemens in the wider delivery of sustainable systems, product lifecycle costing analysis and comprehensive industry technology expertise to support wastewater treatment operators.

Mapal Green Energy’s floating fine bubble aeration technology can be used in both municipal and industrial locations. In the UK, Thames Water, United Utilities and Anglian Water have all used the solution.

When compared to less energy efficient traditional aeration methods, it offers end users an attractive combination of radically lower energy usage, robust equipment build and significantly lower maintenance costs. By designing a retrofit floating system that suspends the fine bubble diffusers just above the reactor floor bed, there is no need to drain the reactor or lagoon, which means quick installations are possible with minimal downtime to the process.

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