Lowara Pumps help the Environment


The first plant in the south of Italy for the recycling of plastic (PET) was inaugurated at the end of the year 2000 at Gricignano d'Aversa, in the province of Caserta.

Promoter of the industrial initiative was Erreplast S.r.L, a subsidiary of Diana Consult, which in its turn is part of an industrial group having a wealthy background in the field of logistic and transport of environmental services and recovery of plastics.

The plant mainly grinds used plastic containers in order to produce polyester floc. The processing cycle is divided into various stages: washing, selection, residue separation, water recycling, drying and homogenisation. Maximum automation of all the cycles, using absolutely innovative Italian technology, guarantees extremely low levels of error in selection and processing.

Considering that, in all of Europe, 30 million tons of plastic are produced each year, this plant ensures considerable energy savings and reduces environmental impact.

The finished product is requested by companies operating in various sectors, from textiles, fashion, furniture, cars, construction, transports and packaging for plates etc (except for the food industry, since the use of polyester floc is not permitted in Europe).

Lowara has contributed to the establishment of this industrial installation by supplying two pressure booster packages for the fire-fighting systems, models GUB21FHF65-200/220+SV207R11T and GUB21FHF50-250/185+SV409R15T, built in compliance with UNI 9490 and 10779 standards, respectively with two 22 and 18.5 kW main electric pumps; a pressure booster package, consisting of two 4 kW vertical pumps, model GHV20SV1604F40T, each controlled by the Hydrovar frequency converter; a 15 kW, two submersible pumps for 6" wells, model FZ642/7 , AISI304 stainless steel liquid end. and with control panel.

Special thanks to the consultants Tecnoprogetti for having involved Lowara to create this new and innovative site.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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