JJ Tech Reveals Product Name Changes


JJ Tech is pleased to announce that Ultra-Flo, the name of the artificial lift system, has been changed to Ultra-Flow. Additionally, the name of the expanding, new generation Select-Flo series of versatile hydraulic jet pumps has been changed to Select-Jet.

The Ultra-Flow production system combines the patented, new generation JJ Tech Jet Pump down-hole with the award-winning, seal-less and packing-free diaphragm surface pump developed specifically for JJ Tech by Wanner Engineering, Inc.

The flexibility and durability of this cutting edge artificial lift system enables it to address

such production issues as faster recovery of frac fluid, gas well dewatering, horizontal and deviated well production, and wells producing significant quantities of solids.

The new line of Select-Jet pumps is built around our current 1.6 and 2.0 jet pumps. Their design offers greater flexibility to the operator. Their features include a retrievable standing valve for working below the jet pump BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly), and reverse flow capability (Operator can run in normal or reverse flow without having to change the BHA).

JJ Tech Operations Manager Chris Lamberth had these comments: “Since, with Ultra-Flow we have a patented system, we felt like we needed a trademark name to support that, and to set us apart from the typical triplex plunger pump systems in the industry. Regarding Select-Jet, the term ‘Jet’ is a natural choice, but ‘Select’ is referring to the option of using the same bottom hole assembly to run the jet pump either in normal or reverse flow.”

Source: JJ Tech

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