RCT Couplings from REICH for Powerful and Fail-Safe Drives

Torsionally stiff flange couplings for pump drives from the Bochum-headquartered Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH come with specifically developed elastomers which dampen vibrations and torque shocks – for smooth operation and resonance-free operation.
RCT Couplings from REICH for Powerful and Fail-Safe Drives

Hydrostatic drives, e.g. in construction machinery, in marine and port technology and in railroad applications, benefit most from RCT couplings. (Image source: Dipl.- Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH)

RCT (Rubber Coated Tooth) couplings made by REICH-Kupplungen allow for sub-critical operation and thus offer the optimal drive solution for the connection of diesel engines to hydraulic pumps. They are particularly appropriate for all hydrostatic drives which are used, for example, in construction machinery. These long-lasting, maintenance-free RCT couplings also find their use in ship and harbour engineering and in railway applications – at ambient temperatures from 25°C up to +100°C.

Owing to the high torsional stiffness of the RCT couplings, critical resonances can be shifted into the range above the operating speeds, enabling the sub-critical operation of the drive without passing through the detrimental torsional vibration amplitudes. Minor axial, radial and angular offsets which are typical of flanged hydraulic drives are compensated for at the same time. 'Our RCT couplings convince through the use of elastomers in lieu of plastic material. In addition, we also offer these, for example, as a backlash-free and maintenance-free shaft-hub connection. Because we develop effective and efficient coupling solutions in line with our guiding principle 'Designed to Customer' for our customers who request tailored and special designs to meet their individual industrial requirements', explains Christian Reich, managing director at Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH.

RCT couplings are designed as axially pluggable flange couplings. Numerous standardised tooth profiles are available to ensure a backlash-free clamping connection between the RCT coupling and the pump shaft. In addition, all standard SAE connections can be supplied for the engines. RCT couplings from REICH-Kupplungen can also be equipped for almost any mounting situation with an appropriate bellhousing flange that lets the weight of the pump rest on the engine housing. Actual power transmission is from the engine flywheel via the RCT coupling to the pump shaft. Each RCT coupling is furthermore 'fail-safe' by design – also known as 'get-home device' in marine language – and ensures continued power transmission even in the case of failure of the elastomer. One of the essential quality factors of REICH-Kupplungen is the in-house development and advancement of the elastomers employed.

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