ITT Flygt Launches Ready Range of Compact, Lightweight Pumps


ITT Flygt announces the launch of its improved lightweight Ready pump range, Ready 4 and 8, as well as the entirely new Ready 8S (S as in solids-handling pump). These small but powerful pumps ...

ITT Flygt Launches Ready Range of Compact, Lightweight Pumps

The Ready Range (Photo: Flygt)

...are ideal for a wide range of applications such as dewatering of construction and industrial sites, cleaning up cable manholes and for emergency services.

“The purpose of the Ready product development was to meet demands for a high-quality pump with smaller dimensions for the professional user, and the process has resulted in a pump with exceptional performance and durability,” says Helena Roxtorp of Flygt’s business unit Construction and Mining, who is responsible for the Ready launch. “They are fast and easy to use and you do not have to worry about tough handling, clogging or worn-out hydraulic parts.”

Highly robust and reliable, these compact pumps can handle contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel. The new Ready 8S is specially designed for solids and can handle particle sizes up to 38 mm. The Ready range has a capacity of between 4 and 7 l/s and a maximum head of between 10.5 and 14 metres.

The Ready pumps’ compact and modular design makes them easy to service. The pumps feature an ergonomically designed handle which together with light-weight materials, make them easy to carry.

Built for maximum reliability

Ready pumps are built with composite materials to reduce weight and stainless steel for strength, durability and high-impact resistance. A new stainless steel inner cover ensures fault-free performance. All hydraulic parts are made from polyurethane, a highly wear-resistant material. The materials chosen enable operation in liquids with pH-ratings of 3 to 9.

The Ready 4 and 8 strainer is made of rubber for shock absorption. The Ready 8S pump housing is made of polyurethane for high wear resistance.

Other built-in features ensure fast and easy utilization. For example, the new plug-in connection allows users to change damaged cables within a few seconds. The new, two-position discharge outlet allowing users to select a horizontal or vertical outlet position which reduces the risk of a blocked hose.

User friendly accessories include a level regulator that turns the pump on and off, depending on the water level; a low suction collar (Ready 4 and 8) enabling water to be pumped down to a very low level; and different discharge connections, i.e. plain or threaded.

Easy to service

Users can quickly and easily perform basic repair or maintenance service and change parts by following easy-to-use instructions. Spare parts kits are available with impellers, outer seals and diffusers.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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