Individual Pump Selection Software


The new Spaix LayoutCustomizer opens a new dimension of personalizing sophisticated technical standard software. VSX –VOGEL SOFTWARE introduces its latest add-on program to the Spaix product family. The new software was developed to individually design the Spaix Classic V2 PumpSelector to suit the user’s marketing and design guidelines.

Previously possible in expensive customizations only, the new software gives the customer the freedom to design and customize his PumpSelector himself. And all that with the advantages of the standard software: the product can be used immediately and the customer can profit from the developments.

Individuelles Layout des PumpSelectors (Photo VSX)

The personalized pump selection system fits a company’s appearance, has a high recognition value, supports the implementation of marketing strategies and helps to strengthen the manufacturer’s brand name. Through a variety of design options, the pump selection software can easily be adapted to the Corporate Design and requirements of the licensee. This is especially interesting with an Advertising Licence, when a pump manufacturer wants to provide the software with his product data to all his customers because marketing aspects are a key element here.

The program has a lot to offer: rearranging dialogue elements, colour adjustments, individual button glyphs and fonts, are just a few of the possibilities. Besides the graphical customizations there are also new functions the LayoutCustomizer adds to the PumpSelector. One example is the pump selection, which now can also be completed directly through the area of application.

Individuelles Layout des PumpSelectors (Photo VSX)

All design and layout changes can directly be displayed in Spaix Classic using the Preview function. So creating your own user interface for Spaix is as easy as 1-2-3.

The application does not require any programming skills since all changes are done through the graphic user interface of the Spaix LayoutCustomizer. With a few simple steps you can transfer the newly designed pump selection dialogues into existing installations or integrate them into the installation CD.

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VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE is the specialist for software and Internet solution for the pump industry. The company develops applications to select and configure components and systems such as pumps, valves and pipes. These software solutions mainly serve pump manufacturers and pump users to optimize business processes by combining technical configurations with commercial aspects such as price calculation and project management. The Company, which was founded in 1995 with headquarters in Dresden, Germany is the market leader in pump selection software and has world wide business relations to companies with focus on the pump and chemical industry. The world’s largest pump manufacturers like ABS, EBARA, ITT Industries, KSB, and Wilo-Salmson are among its clients.

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