Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers For Updated Intake Design Standard


The Hydraulic Institute, under the approval of the American National Standards Institute, is seeking qualified individuals to participate in the review process of a newly completed standard for Rotodynamic (Centrifugal and Vertical) Intake Design Pumps.

This standard was designed as a tool in implementing process safety management, as well as general pump availability improvement programs, for Rotodynamic (Centrifugal and Vertical) pumps, including both sealed and sealless pump designs. The document does not require any monitoring to be done, but does provide information relevant to making such decisions, and suggestions for carrying out the monitoring process.

“This standard has been extensively updated to include additional text material and figures that clarify or otherwise improve the existing standard material, the Intake Design Standard is now to be based on the maximum pump flow rate, not the pump rated flow. There is also a significant increase in Appendix material (guideline),” explained Gregg Romanyshyn, Technical Director for HI. “The standard has more than doubled in size from the previous standard and will prove to be very insightful to the industry."

Individuals and organizations directly and materially affected by this standard are asked to contact HI. These parties include pump users and specifiers, producers, standards developers, government agencies, and general interest groups. HI is currently assembling a canvass list of all interested parties who wish to review the drafts and will submit the list to ANSI in order to meet its open canvass requirements.

To participate in the ANSI/HI canvass, contact Karen Anderson, Administrator, Technical Affairs at kanderson@pumps.org or call (973) 267-9700 x23.

About the Hydraulic Institute

The 90-year old Hydraulic Institute, the largest association of pump producers in North America, is a global authority on pumps and pumping systems.

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