Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter Launches Authorized Training Partner Program


Recognizing the growing need for trained personnel throughout the pump industries and in the end-user community, the Hydraulic Institute, through its educational subsidiary, Pump Systems Matter (PSM) has created an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program.

The ATP Program will help bring Pump Systems Matter curriculum to the community of operators and maintenance personnel who face increasing challenges and workforce training demands.

The ATP Program is designed for organizations that would not otherwise qualify for HI membership, but are active in the pump industry. Partners must meet specific qualification criteria and commit to using qualified instructors who meet HI standards of pump and pump system knowledge, while possessing both industry and teaching experience. Authorized Training Providers can deliver the well-known HI/PSM courses that cover the critical areas of Pump Systems Optimization (PSO), Pump Systems Assessment (PSA), as well as help prepare candidates for the Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification exam.

With an aging infrastructure on wide range of pumping systems across the United States, improved reliability, reducing equipment downtime and higher energy efficiency is becoming a major factor to increase productivity for any fluid transfer process. These hands-on technical educational courses help develop skills to identify significant energy savings and new ways to increase overall profitability.

Corrosion Products & Equipment, Inc. (CPE), delivers unique industrial construction and fluid handling solutions for hundreds of clients, based in Rochester, New York, has the distinction of being the first approved organization to become a PSM Authorized Training Partner. “We are excited to be part of this new PSM program so we can help the professionals in our area stay up-to-date on the latest Pump System Optimization guidelines while staying connected with our customers and their training needs.” said Peter Tortorella, President, CPE.

“We look forward to having CPE join as the first PSM Authorized Training Partner.” states Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute. “While we have always worked extensively with our Members on training, we have a limited reach when it comes to end-users. This new Training Partner program helps HI reach much deeper into the user community where the pumping challenges are as real as widening knowledge and skills gap that is being created by an ageing workforce and other demographic changes.”

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