Household Fire Safety Is Enhanced with the Latest Lowara Hydroquench Sprinkler Sets


While smoke alarms and fire extinguishers have become commonplace in residential buildings, the installation of fire sprinkler systems is often overlooked as a feature of home safety.

Household Fire Safety Is Enhanced with the Latest Lowara Hydroquench Sprinkler Sets

Hydroquench (Image: Lowara UK)

But the truth is that no single death has ever been reported from a fire in a household fully protected by fire sprinklers.

Household fire protection has been enhanced even further with the release of the latest Hydroquench 3000 Mk2 automatic sprinkler sets from Lowara, the leader in the European residential and commercial pump market.

Gary Wilde, Business Development Manager at Lowara, said: “Hydroquench 3000 Mk2 incorporates the latest technologies and pumps to provide reliable water pressure to sprinkler heads in any type of domestic and residential environment.

“The Hydroquench includes some key features from its original design as well as many enhancements, making it one of the most effective forms of domestic fire protection on the market.”

In the event of a fire, Hydroquench is designed to respond instantly to a call for water by maintaining and monitoring pressure at all times. This ensures it will deliver water to any sprinkler head that needs it, whether the fire spreads or remains isolated. Once the pump has started it can only be stopped manually, but the set monitors both pressure and flow to prevent a manual shutdown if water is still being called.

The system has an automatic test facility, and the user can specify how often the self-test is run – between every 4 and 28 days. The test can also be run manually. In either case an alarm will sound if any potential failure is detected.

An extra volt-free contact has been added to give the user direct control over the evacuation alarm. There is also a failsafe volt-free general alarm contact which will indicate to a remote monitoring device that the pump has started or a fault has occurred.

The set is fully packaged to make installation quick and simple, with a new compact push-button control panel that is both robust and user-friendly.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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