HI & PSM Announce 2-Part Webinar Series On Pump Systems Optimization


The Hydraulic Institute (HI) Pump Systems Matter (PSM) have announced the upcoming Pump Systems Optimization 2-Part webinar series. During this series participants will examine and identify opportunities for energy savings, learn how to increase profitability, and learn how to increase reliability in their pumping systems.

When pump systems are not optimized for best efficiency, they drain profits with higher energy and maintenance costs, shorten mean time between repairs, and increase CO² emissions. Optimized pump systems are more energy efficient and reliable overall.

The Pump Systems Optimization Webinar Series will consist of 2 modules; each module will contain internet-based pre-work training to be completed prior to a live 1-hour webinar. Participants earn 4 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits from HI upon completion of the series. The live webinar schedule is below:

Module 1: Systems Optimization & Screening: December 5 @ 1:00pm EST

  • Identify occasions for energy efficiency
  • Systems optimization
  • Understand energy use of current systems in the market by component and industry
  • Objectives of screening a system
  • Screening data used in identifying priorities
  • Identify priorities and end results of screening

Module 2: Analysis, Life Cycle Costs and Action Plan: December 19 @ 1:00pm EST

  • Objectives of analyzing a pump system
  • Analysis tools
  • Understand how to prove the benefits of a pump system optimization
  • Implement system improvements and measure their effects on life cycle
  • Understand the Pump Systems Matter “Action Plan”
  • Benefits of using an “Action Plan” and identify the steps within the plan

This webinar series is based on the Pump Systems Optimization: Energy Efficiency and Bottom-Line Savings course. The course has been taught to over 800 pump industry professionals resulting in significant dollars saved in not only energy costs but in reduced maintenance and down time as well.

Registration is available now through December 4, 2013.

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