Hamworthy Pumps Installed on the Canadian Coast Guard

The Ice Breaker vessel Louis S St. Laurent needed a 10-year life extension, and as part of the work, the Coast Guard wanted to replace all the old pumps on board.
Hamworthy Pumps Installed on the Canadian Coast Guard

Hamworthy Pumps installed on the Canadian Coast Guard. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps Pte. Ltd)

The Vessel Maintenance Manager has had good experience with Hamworthy Pumps in the past - also with a handful of Hamworthy Pumps on this Ice Breaker. The configurations and layout of the existing pumps meant that this was not an easy job, however, with good communication internally with the engineering team, externally with the Coast Guard, and with Hamworthy Pumps´ service partner in Canada, Pumps Plus, Hamworthy Pumps was able to come up with a solution to meet the requirements. Hamworthy Pumps has a good installed base of pumps among the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, and this will help to enhance that.

The task was to replace the old Peacock pumps, for which a complete system re-design was required to accommodate the new pumps. The help and support provided by the engineering team was essential here and providing advice with a couple of the tricky selections along with the required CAD drawings. This allowed the Coast Guard’s engineering team to complete their 3D model for the new system design. Here are some details of the pumps that Hamworthy Pumps supplied:

  • Automatic Fire Pump (CGB080R)– 100 m3/h @ 70.43m H
  • Submersible Bilge & Fire Pump (C2G-125LR, close-coupled)– 100/50 m3/h @ 21.34/70.4m H
  • Fire & Sprinkler Pump (CGB100R)– 150 m3/H @ 59.74m H
  • Propulsion motors & SW Circ Pumps (CGC125R)– 95.4 m3/h @ 6m H
  • General service & Fire Pump (CGB100R)– 100/75 m3/h @ 21.3/70.4m H
  • Foam Pump (CGB100R)– 152.8 m3/h @ 90.5m H
  • Bilge Pumps (CGC125R)– 125 m3/h @ 22.86m H
  • Bilge & Ballast Pump (CGC125R)– 100/200 m3/h @ 22.86/10.67m H

The order includes the 10-year recommended spares of shaft seal & overhaul kits, along with one impeller per pump. This also puts 12 new pumps into service for a minimum period of 10 years.

Hamworthy Pumps´ sales support team provided great support and assistance ensuring that the quotations were prepared in a timely manner with the amendments and revisions required as the specs changed. Hamworthy Pumps look forward to continuie the good relationship with the Canadian Coast Guard and offering the same top-level support.

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