Guaranteed Protection from Sentinel Diaphragm Seals


Sentinel Diaphragm Seals have effectively protected all forms of system instrumentation from corrosive process flow environments for years. Now, they are also unconditionally GUARANTEED. Beginning April 2004, Blacoh will warrant its Sentinel diaphragms and seal bodies for three years from your date of purchase.

If ANY failure or damage occurs with your diaphragm or seal body, Blacoh will replace them at no cost to you.

Without Sentinel protection, hazardous and corrosive process fluids regularly contaminate and damage system instrumentation, shortening their service life and creating a potentially costly problem. Sentinel Diaphragm Seals also work to ensure gauge and switch accuracy, smooth out erratic pressure surges, and allow you to replace expensive gauges with low-cost utility gauges. Furthermore, unlike many other brands, the strength and durability of Sentinel Diaphragm Seals holds up to the hand-tightening of your gauges.

Sentinel Diaphragm Seals are available in a full range chemically resistant materials and models. Sentinel Flow-Thru offers an inline design to prevent clogging of viscous process fluid and "dead-leg". The NEW Sentinel "Revolution" features threaded housings instead of metal fasteners and all-PVC construction, providing complete chemical compatibility and an ideal solution for especially corrosive environments.

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