Franklin Wells for the World Foundation Provides Clean Drinking Water to Nearly 18.000 People


In 2016, the Franklin Wells for the World Foundation (FWWF) continued to make a difference in South Africa by providing clean, safe drinking water through the installation of wells and leveraging Franklin s innovative products.

Over the past six years, FWWF has made a difference in the lives of over 100,000 people. This year, five projects spanning across five different countries in Africa were completed, reaching nearly 18,000 people.

Many of these people did not have a gift to unwrap this Christmas, but the availability of fresh drinking water for the first time in their lives translated to a gift that continues to provide for many years to come.

2016 Installations:

  • St. Leonard School, Mpingi, Uganda

  • Bujjo School, Mpingi, Uganda

  • Soimet Community, Nakuru, Kenya

  • Jabulani Primary School, Northern Matabele Land, Zimbabwe

  • Habu Community, Botswana

Clean, safe drinking water is a luxury that is often taken for granted. At two of our installations in the Central African community of Mpingi, Uganda, the children at St. Leonard and Bujjo Schools have been faced with the harsh reality of living without clean water and water sanitation since birth. This community directly struggled with the harsh reality that an astounding number of deaths under the age of five were due to water-related diseases. Since the installation of Franklin Electric s solar-powered water pumping system, the 7,400 residents of the Mpingi village are experiencing how great of an impact access to clean water can make in their community.

These schools are now experiencing increased enrollment since students are able to focus on their education instead of spending many hours of the day searching for clean water. The students are now less likely to drop out, become orphans, or suffer from water-related diseases. Beyond meeting basic human needs, access to clean water provides communities with improved health and sanitation, the ability to focus on education, and increased economic development.

In addition to providing access to clean water, FWWF supports the communities with civil work during the project, post-installation service, and assistance with the creation of feeding programs to sustain the village going forward.

These installations in the village of Mpingi, Uganda are just two examples of how the five communities involved have benefited from the installations donated by the Franklin Wells for the World Foundation in 2016.

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