Flotronic Pumps Diaphragms Now Last Even Longer


The unique ONE-NUT design pioneered by Flotronic Pumps in the company’s range of air-operated double diaphragm pumps has always allowed the pump diaphragms to last longer than they would in conventional pumps.

Flotronic Pumps Diaphragms Now Last Even Longer

Flotronic Pumps

This is because the design’s unique ‘inside out’ concept enables fluid to pass between the diaphragms directly through the pump centre with air pressure operating on the outside. The ‘ONE-NUT’ description of this concept derives from the unique way in which the pump is held together with one nut situated on the opposite side of the pump from the external air valve.

Now Flotronic’s continuous development programme has found a way of making the diaphragms last even longer. The programme includes regular dialogue and reviews with key suppliers, including the approved suppliers who manufacture diaphragms exclusively for Flotronic. One such review identified the possibility of a ‘mid-shape’ diaphragm and its potential to improve the durability of this key component in the Flotronic pump.

As Managing Director Jane Waite says, “Our engineers’ expectations were spot on. The mid-shape diaphragm has proved to be longer lasting than traditional diaphragms because the revised shape results in less stress. At the same time, it’s far easier to fit than its predecessors with no requirement for any tools – and there’s no loss in capacity.”

This is an important development for Flotronic Pumps. A key benefit of the ONE-NUT air-operated double diaphragm pump has been the savings it achieves in maintenance costs. These have come partly from the ease with which the pumps can be stripped down and reassembled, and partly from the long wearing diaphragm and other parts. An extension of the diaphragm’s lifetime improves this great benefit still further.

A parts-specific Flotronic website now ensures continuation of maximum pump performance

Another important development at Flotronic takes care of things when the mid-shape diaphragm does eventually need replacing. Flotronic’s website now has a section dedicated to supporting customers looking for authentic Flotronic replacement parts. “Using authentic Flotronic spares is important because the high quality materials and exacting tolerances ensure maximum pump performance,” says Jane Waite. “The new site is also interactive with online forms that allow our customers to enquire about part availability or even to seek a call-back for advice”.

You can access the new Flotronic spares service via the website of Flotronic.

About Flotronic

Flotronic Pumps is the only British-owned specialist manufacturer of air-operated diaphragm pumps in the country. Founded in 1981 and based in Bolney, West Sussex, Flotronic is famous for its development of a unique ‘One Nut’ pump design, which allows swift disassembly without disconnecting pipe work.

Flotronic’s concentration on a specific type of pump has seen the use of air-operated diaphragm pumps change dramatically. Traditionally employed in ‘dirty’ jobs such as waste water transfer, emptying sumps and in bund-wall applications, the pumps are now used in critical process applications such as pumping aggressive chemicals, transferring foodstuffs and providing constant liquid feeds.

Today, Flotronic pumps are manufactured to be used for thin or viscous liquids, with or without solids and for aggressive chemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, drinks, dyes, foodstuff, paints, pharmaceuticals, solvents, slurry and water. Products as diverse as acids, hand cream, mayonnaise and yoghurt can be transferred. The pumps are exported across the globe through a network of strategically placed distributors.

Flotronic pumps are designed with flexibility in mind. The product range yields as many as 60 million variations and upgrades, ranging from leak protection and alarm systems to pulsation dampers, counter systems and two and four wheel support trolleys. The pumps can all be readily accessorised and customised. This applies not only to new pumps but also to existing pumps on site.

Any pump in the Flotronic range can be made ATEX-compliant and Flotronic ATEX 94/9/EC compliance has recently been upgraded with the award of Gas Group IIC accreditation.

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