Environmental Protection With Regard to Application and Production: ISO 14001 Certification for Hermetic


For over fifty years now, the “canned motor pump” has been synonymous with the safe handling of media worldwide, which, in the event of a leak, can have destructive consequences for the environment and can be lifethreatening. The leakproof design, avoidance of conventional shaft seals, and typical double containment shell offer the user the best possible protection from damage caused by escaping pumped media.

Contact-free operation is a characteristic feature of Hermetic pumps. These results in long service lives and, as far as possible, wear-free operation. Savings on wear and replacement parts, which do not have to be produced at all, leads to savings on resources and energy. By developing environmentally-friendly technologies and applying these in the manufacturing of pumps, Hermetic significantly contributes to the protection of the environment. For many years the production process has also been subject to continual optimisation in respect of environmental protection. The efforts made here led to Hermetic being certified in accordance with ISO 14001 in May 2013. Part of the certification is a sustainable concept for preserving resources, minimizing the use of media and materials (such as electricity, metal, lubricants and cooling agents) and having a comprehensive strategy for recycling and waste prevention.

When developing Hermetic products, environmentally-friendly design, technical safety and health protection are rigid targets. “By using the best available technology and optimising our production processes, we reduce pollutant emissions”, explains Nicolaus Krämer, chair of the executive board of the company, located in the Black Forest town of Gundelfingen. At the same time as receiving the new environmental-management certification in accordance with ISO 14001, the quality management system of Hermetic was again certified by TÜV Süd (southern division of the German Technical Inspectorate Agency) in compliance with ISO 9001.

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