Dynapumps and FLO-MAX Turn 20

This month Dynapumps has reached two historical milestones. Twenty years ago, Dynapumps started their business in July 2000 which was also the inception of the Australian-made product, FLO-MAX.
Dynapumps and FLO-MAX Turn 20

Dynapumps NSW turns 20 (Image source: Dynapumps)

For the last two decades, FLO-MAX has been an influential product both developed and manufactured in New South Wales becoming one of the significant brands in Turbine and Submersible Pumps in Australia-wide. From Australia to India, Mongolia to Kyrgyzstan, Korea to Republic of Congo, Turkey to Fiji, and Vietnam to New Zealand, the FLO-MAX brand has made its presents known around the world.

FLO-MAX is a unique and unparalleled pump product designed to help water the country and has now cemented its name in Australian-made manufacturing history.

Source: Dynapumps

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