Dr Fritz Holzwarth Appointed As New Managing Director of Wasser Berlin e.V.


On 1 March 2014 Dr. Fritz Holzwarth was appointed as the new managing director of Wasser Berlin e.V. He succeeds Arnd Böhme who held the post of managing director for many years.

Dr Fritz Holzwarth Appointed As New Managing Director of Wasser Berlin e.V.

Dr Fritz Holzwarth (Image: Wasser Berlin International)

From 1991 Dr. Fritz Holzwarth was at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety (formerly the BMU, as of December 2013 the BMUB), where in 1996 he became head of the Water Management Department. He held numerous senior water management posts at government level as well as in Europe and worldwide and was responsible for inland waters and ocean protection.

Commenting on his appointment as managing director of Wasser Berlin e.V. Dr. Fritz Holzwarth said: “I would like to contribute to the success story of Wasser Berlin International.“

Wasser Berlin e.V. is an umbrella organisation and has 23 members, among which are water industry associations and institutions. Chairman of the board is Jörg Simon, who is also board chairman of Berliner Wasserbetriebe. Since it was founded in 1963 Wasser Berlin e.V., with the help of its members, has contributed to promoting Wasser Berlin International. Wasser Berlin e.V. organises and holds the WBI Congress.

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