Cornell Pump Announces New Line of End Gun Booster Pumps


Cornell Pump Company announced it is expanding its line of irrigation solutions with a new line of end gun booster pumps, the Cornell Edge. Designed to help irrigators using center pivot systems, the Edge pumps water up to 110 feet beyond the end pivot, significantly increasing the usable land for crop production.

Cornell Pump Announces New Line of End Gun Booster Pumps

The Cornell Edge - New Line of End Gun Booster Pumps (Image: Cornell Pump Company)

The end gun booster pump propels water into the corners of the irrigated field, increasing useable land by up to 20 percent.

Cornell’s Edge comes in two different pump models. The 2C unit has a three horse power motor, and is able to pump up to 210 gallons per minute, with a head of 80 feet (34PSI). The larger 2B unit features a 5 horse power motor, will pump up to 230 gallons per minute, and offers a head up to 105 feet (45PSI).

Distinguishing the Edge is Cornell’s legendary design and reputation for reliability. The rotating assembly retrofits into many competitors volutes, but offers at least the same if not better performance characteristics than the original pump. “We’ve been diligent in getting this right for the market,” said Cornell’s agricultural market manager Bob Jansen, who led the Edge project. “The Edge features heavy duty cast iron construction, a motor built to Cornell specifications that has an auto reset on the motor thermostat, and shower curtain shield motor moisture protection. The Edge pumps are competitively priced and offer superior performance.”

In addition to features such as standard 2 inch NPT discharge, and 2.5 inch NPT suction, Edge pumps offer an industry leading two-year warranty from Cornell. “Cornell stands by the pumps we design and manufacture in Portland, Oregon,” said Cornell President Robert Ray, “We’ve built our reputation of quality since 1946—and the Edge is another great product we’re producing to help our agricultural customers get the most yield for their effort. ”

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