Chemineer Top-Entering Agitators Chosen for UK’s First Waste Plastic-to-Diesel Plant


Chemineer has been chosen by Cynar PLC as its engineering partner for agitation at the UK’s first waste plastic-to-diesel plant at Avonmouth near Bristol. The End-of-Life Plastics-to-Diesel (ELPD) facility is the first of a multiplant project that will be established across sites in the UK.

Chemineer Top-Entering Agitators Chosen for UK’s First Waste Plastic-to-Diesel Plant

Chemineer agitators choosen for UK`s first waste plastic-to-diesel plant (Image: Chemineer)

Finding solutions to remediate waste problems worldwide is a major concern. End-of-Life-Plastic is one of the waste industry’s biggest issues. Cynar has developed an effective process that converts mixed waste plastics into synthetic fuels that are cleaner, lower in sulphur and in the case of diesel, a higher cetane than generic diesel fuel.

Chemineer’s large helical ribbon impeller, with central screw chosen specifically for this laminar flow, high viscosity application, is able to effectively pull down soilds and liquids from the surface while the helical ribbon is pumping up. Chemineer agitators are a key part of Cynar’s environmentally-friendly technology that effectively transforms otherwise unwanted landfill-bound waste plastics into valuable liquid fuels.

Chemineer, part of NOV Mono, will supply agitators for other planned sites in the UK and Europe with interest from the America’s for Cynar’s unique process. Cynar’s core aim is to be the first to market with the commercialization of ELP to diesel fuel technology to become the leader in the waste industry.

Source: NOV, Inc.

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