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Watertech & Wastetech Indonesia 2011, held concurrently with HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Filtration & Purification Systems, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) and Process Systems (PS) Indonesia sets the stage for the latest products, technologies, and solutions to address today’s challenges in water, wastewater, and waste management in Indonesia on November 17 – 19, 2011 at the Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo).

The three international events will attract local and regional governments, businesses, and leading experts in water, wastewater, and waste management, green building technology, and fluid, air and gas handling to learn and adopt the latest technologies from around the world. Over 150 Indonesian and international companies from over ten countries are expected to exhibit their latest products, technologies and solutions. It has been estimated that more than 5,000 trade professionals and trade buyers from Indonesia and across South East Asia will attend these events.

The Meeting of Minds towards a Sustainable Future

The present trends of over consumption and pollution, and the increasing threat of drought, have sparked further the fear of water scarcity in Indonesia. It is emerging as a great challenge for governments, corporations and communities throughout the world. Indonesia is no exception, as clean water crises are occurring in many cities, including Jakarta and throughout the island of Java. Approximately 125 million (65%) Indonesians living on the island of Java have only 4.5% of soil moisture capacity, while the rest of the people in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Papua are most likely to live in similar conditions. Public and private sectors are becoming more aware technologically and more capable of weighing the long-term benefits of advanced water and waste management.

Held for the first time in Indonesia and in conjunction with Watertech & Wastetech Indonesia 2011, the Asia Water Summit connects academics, local government officials and key Indonesian experts in the water, waste water and waste management industries, paving the way for sustainable water solutions. This much awaited Summit will set the stage for 20 local and international speakers from more than seven countries to facilitate this knowledge exchange. The Summit provides a unique platform to generate and debate innovative solutions whilst growing and developing the movement to implement larger scale changes on how local water officials formulate decisions and manage water treatment and maintenance in Indonesia.

Process Systems Indonesia 2011

Complementing Watertech & Wastetech Indonesia 2011, Process Systems (PS) Indonesia 2011 will throw the spotlight on the latest fluid, air and gas handling systems, equipment and systems that serve manufacturing and processing plants for the industrial sector at large. Specialized workshops focusing on biogas as an alternative form of renewable energy as well as in-depth discussions on flood pumping designs and management systems by local giants such as PT Bumi Cahaya Unggul (BCU) Indonesia, Mectron Engineering Indonesia and KSB Indonesia to name a few.

The goal of these events is to establish an unparalleled benchmark for recognizing sustainable innovations in urban environmental solutions and technologies that can help prepare the Indonesia against water scarcity and the interrelated issues of drought, floods and climate change.

HVACR Design and Operation for Green Buildings: Technologies for Improving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In Indonesia, more buildings are presently encouraged to incorporate green building technologies to achieve a better sustainable, low energy built environment by improving energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, lowering heat transmission and using environmentally friendly material from design to construction.

In support of the energy efficiency initiative programmes of the Indonesian Government and the Green Building Council of Indonesia, IIR Exhibitions and ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter are putting together the 2nd HVACR Indonesia Conference that will once again highlight the HVACR green technologies, business approaches and systems that will enable building owners and managers to reduce energy consumption, improve the work environment, and reduce the environmental impacts of building operations.

This much anticipated HVACR conference aims to uncover research and findings on HVACR standards through exclusive sessions with more than 15 new expert presenters from Indonesia and throughout Asia. Delegates can expect to receive first-hand exposure to the case studies of high-performance buildings and

business strategies and discover the latest implementation of sustainable green building policies and mechanisms by the Green Building Council of Indonesia.

Watertech Indonesia 2011 & Wastetech Indonesia, HVACR, Process Systems (PS) Indonesia 2011, and the

Asia Water Summit are organized by Institute for International Research (IIR) Exhibitions and supported by

the Ministry of Public Works, Indonesian Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI), and United Cities and

Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC).

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