Blackmer’s TXD Sliding Vane Pumps Offer Reliable Operation


Operating a wholesale fuel-and-lubricants distributorship that delivers 240 million gallons of fuel and $12 million of lubes annually to a customer base that covers most of New England, Dennis K. Burke, Inc., has learned that the ability to count on your delivery trucks and their pumping equipment is of the utmost importance in these high-volume, harsh-weather conditions.

Blackmer’s TXD Sliding Vane Pumps Offer Reliable Operation

Ted Burke, President of Dennis K. Burke, stands near a truck at the company’s headquarters in Chelsea, MA.

That’s why, for the nearly 50 years that Dennis K. Burke has been in business, it has relied on Blackmer to supply the transport pumps that are used on its fleet of 70 delivery trucks. At various times in its history, the company has had occasion to use competitive pumps and found that they just could not offer the performance, reliability and low maintenance that it has grown to count on from Blackmer. And with the volumes that Dennis K. Burke moves annually to a mainly commercial/industrial customer base that stretches from Maine to Rhode Island and all points in between, there is precious little time available for trucks to sit idly by while pumps are being rebuilt or replaced.

“We had a lot of Blackmers and a dozen or so competitor pumps on our new trucks and we had a bunch of problems so we went back to Blackmer,” said Mike Morsett, Dennis K. Burke’s Fleet and Facilities Manager. “The other pumps just weren’t lasting, you can’t put as many gallons through them in the long-term. Generally, they’d last half to three-quarters the length of time that a Blackmer pump would.”

With the ability—documented by Dennis K. Burke fleet-management staff—to move more than 5 million gallons of gasoline and diesel before anything beyond routine maintenance is needed, Blackmer’s TXD2.5A (2.5-inch) and TXD3E (3-inch) sliding vane transport pumps, which have been designed for use in truck-mounted applications for the delivery of petroleum-based products, have become the fulcrum of Dennis K. Burke’s delivery operation. With flow rates from 26 to 270 gallons per minute and pressures up to 125 psi, TXD Series pumps offer fast, quiet, trouble-free operation thanks to Blackmer’s renowned sliding vane operation, which compensates for normal wear in the pumping chamber, ensuring like-new performance for the life of the product, while the higher pumping capacities at lower speeds (up to 640 rpm for the TXD3E and 780 rpm for the TXD2.5A) also increase service life.

Since Dennis K. Burke is a not a typical Northeastern supplier that counts residential home-heating customers as the bulk of its accounts, the Blackmer TXDs need to be, and are, capable of performing in unique delivery situations, such as to tugboats, asphalt plants, fishing boats, and large ASTs and USTs, with the ability to handle an array of products, from gasoline, low-sulfur diesel, heating oil, kerosene, racing fuels and biofuels to motor oils, lubricants and racing oils, along with a wide range of industrial chemicals and additives.

About Blackmer

Blackmer is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality flow technologies, including peristaltic hose, eccentric disc and rotary vane positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw compressors, air elimination systems and sliding vane and reciprocating compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products. Blackmer pumps and compressors are used worldwide in a variety of industries including LPG, Chemical and Industrial Processing, Energy, Food & Sanitary, Military/Marine and the Mobile Transport industries. Blackmer is part of Dover Corporation.

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