Blackmer HD and HDS Series Reciprocating Compressors Offer Design to Control Vapors and Contamination


Blackmer has taken the concerns regarding vapor recovery and product contamination in oil-and-gas field applications into consideration by applying their proven “distance piece design” technology in its HD and HDS Series Oil-Free Reciprocating Gas Compressors.

Blackmer HD and HDS Series Reciprocating Compressors Offer Design to Control Vapors and Contamination


The non-lubricated (oil-free) design of the HD and HDS models includes a full distance piece compartment between the compressor’s cylinder and crankcase. External ports are located at the top and bottom of the distance piece chamber that can be used for purging, pressurizing or venting. This provides the compressor’s user maximum leakage control of any vapors that would normally vent into the crankcase uncontrollably with other designs. It also allows for control of potentially harmful vapors to a recovery tank, safe disposal area or flare system before they can escape to the atmosphere.

Blackmer HD and HDS Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors, which are available in either single- or two-stage configurations, have been designed for maximum performance and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. They are equipped with high-efficiency ductile-iron valves with PEEK valve plates, ductile-iron head and cylinders, two sets of self-adjusting filled PTFE packing sets on each piston rod for maximum leakage control, self-lubricating TFE piston rings, a precision-ground crankshaft and a pressure-lubricated crankcase. The non-lubricated design means no lubricating oil is used in the upper cylinder or head area where it could add additional contaminate to the gas stream.

“HDS” model compressors are built for Sour Gas applications using special NACE compliant materials for exposure up to 8% by volume of H2S.

Source: Blackmer

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