Aussie Pumps Bronze Pump Aids Manus Water Supply


A pair of big, 4” nickel aluminium bronze self-priming pumps were employed at the Manus Island Detention Centre to feed the all-important RO System. The units selected by system designer, the Heal Group, were chosen because of their high flow, self-priming characteristics and overall reliability.

Aussie Pumps Bronze Pump Aids Manus Water Supply

Because of their high flow, excellent self-priming characteristics and overall reliability the big B4KQ-A/B pumps were selected by system designer, the Heal Group, at the Manus Island Detention Centre to feed the all-important RO System.

Called the Aussie B4KQ-A/B, the big pumps deliver up to 1,650 litres per minute each, that is over 3,000 litres per minute as a pair and offer a maximum head of 15 metres. Their self-priming suction capability is a vertical lift of 6 metres.

The pumps are matched to a TEFC three phase 4 Kw 415 volt motor, providing adequate power for the required performance. The big 4” bronze units are close coupled. The drive is through a 316 stainless steel stub shaft and seals are heavy duty carbon mechanical, with nitrile elastomers and 316 stainless steel casings.

The pumps were designed originally for marine applications and are found on trawlers, barges and work boats.

The nickel aluminium bronze bodies, impellers and suction cases are specifically designed for seawater applications. The impeller is a non-clog style open vane design capable of passing small solids and suspension.

The pumps take saltwater out of a lagoon and pump to a reverse osmosis plant that provides freshwater for the inmates of the Manus Island Detention Centre. The Heal Group mounted the pump motor groups on heavy duty marine grade aluminium bases as a precaution against the highly corrosive environment.

The big 4” bronze Aussies are part of a comprehensive range of nickel aluminium bronze pumps from the Australian Pump Industries product line up. The range covers flows of up to 2,200 litres per minute and heads as high as 30 metres.

The range includes both high flow and high pressure units suitable for a wide range of marine and saltwater applications. They include bilge pump out, deck wash down, firefighting and fuel/oil transfer.

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