Another Large Plant for China Successfully Delivered


heat 11 has successfully delivered a major order for the plastics industry. For a heating system of a roughly 100 meters long processing facility for web-shaped plastic products a total of 36 package units were dispatched to the installation site towards China.

Another Large Plant for China Successfully Delivered

Another large plant for China successfully delivered (Image: heat 11)

With the plant components, consisting of secondary loops, pump compact units, cooling units – some with plate heat exchangers – and cooling water lines, the complete heating and cooling of the entire plant via several secondary loops are ensured. The value of the contract according to the company’s information is „in the upper six figure region“. Thermal oil and – for cooling – water are used as heat transfer medium.

The entire plant was designed and built in conformity with the Chinese SQL standards (Safety Quality License for boilers and pressure vessels). The plant components were completed and delivered in just about three months according to company statement. “Here our new construction and manufacturing concept bears first fruits!” so Dr. Dietmar Hunold, as managing director in charge of engineering and production at heat 11. They have invested a great deal in expanding the production facilities and constantly improve the logistics to meet the increased demands for the project durations.

The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for later this year. According to the information from the company, which has been on the market for two years only, this is already the third major order which was executed for the Chinese market. To support the local customers, a sales and service company was specifically established in China.

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