Amarinth Supplies Pumps to Full Field Development Project Off the Coast of Abu Dhabi

Amarinth has delivered two API 610 VS4 vertical pumps and two API 610 OH2 horizontal pumps to the ADNOC Bu Haseer full field development project.
Amarinth Supplies Pumps to Full Field Development Project Off the Coast of Abu Dhabi

Amarinth API 610 OH2 pump being readied for delivery to the ADNOC Bu Haseer full field development project. (Image source: Amarinth Limited)

The Bu Haseer oil and gas field is located between Das and Zirku Islands, offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. Bu Haseer is the first of five new offshore fields being developed which together are expected to produce approximately 1.5 billion barrels of oil, while a further onshore area of 7,800km², which is approximately double the size of Dubai, is currently under exploration and development. Bu Haseer is being developed in two phases, an early production system (EPS), which commenced operations in 2018, and the second the full field development (FFD) phase, which comes online in 2020.

The API 610 VS4 vertical pumps were specified for hazardous open drains in a space restricted area and so Amarinth leveraged its expertise on other similar projects to develop a bespoke design where the super duplex vertical pumps could be split into sections for shipping and then assembled within the available space on site. The pumps were manufactured in super duplex stainless steel to handle the sour and toxic fluid, which includes high levels of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and high chloride concentration.

The API 610 OH2 horizontal pumps consisted of a scrubber condensate pump and a production separator pump. Specified with a 600lb flange rating, which is double the usual for this type of pump, Amarinth once again used its experience gained in previous demanding projects to deliver a bespoke pump to meet the required rating. The OH2 pumps were manufactured in S6 austenitic stainless steel with chrome impellers to handle the aggressive mix of hydrocarbons, H2S and high chloride concentration in the water. After the pumps had been delivered, Amarinth engineers travelled to Bu Haseer to assist with commissioning.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “We are delighted to have delivered and assisted with the commissioning of this package of bespoke API 610 VS4 vertical and OH2 horizontal pumps for this full field development project. We look forward to further orders for the pumping requirements of Bu Haseer and the new fields as they are developed.”

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