Albin Hose Pumps Handle Tough Applications


The Albin Pump ALH Hose pump available from The Pump Company can handle the toughest applications, from aggressive to shear sensitive and viscous fluids.

Albin Hose Pumps Handle Tough Applications

The Pump Company Ltd

Albin hose pumps offer tremendous fluid transfer versatility, ranging from waste stream removal to offering an alternative solution to seal-less gear pumps when handling highly shear sensitive products.

The pumps also offer excellent lift capabilities, high discharge pressures and smooth tubing transfer of material.

The pumping movement is obtained by compression and relaxation of a specially designed elastic hose. The hose is compressed between the internal wall of the pump and the shoes.

The pumped fluid is only in contact with the interior of the hose.

The Albin ALH Hose pump has many advantages, such as:

  • Damage free dry running
  • No mechanical seal
  • Self priming to 9m
  • Reversible flow
  • High discharge pressure up to 15 bar
  • Easy Maintenance because only the hose suffers wear
  • For abrasive, corrosive, sensitive or viscous fluids
  • Many stainless steel parts
  • Geared motor (reinforced bearings) coupled direct to pump body

The Application for this pump are numerous:

Industrial waste water, concrete pumping, waste sludge treatment, Ore slurries and leaching pulp, Flocculant dispersions, Metallic salts, Flocculated waste, Crystallized suspensions, Lime liquor, Black liquor foam, Sludge and slurries, Filterpress applications, Ceramic slips and paste, Cosmetics, Clay suspension and compounds, Pharmaceuticals, Cement slurries etc

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